There are no association between vitamin D metabolites and blood pressure in adolescents

Barbara Santarosa Emo Peters Janaína Pivetta Roque Mauro Fisberg Lígia Araújo Martini About the authors

OBJETIVES: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the relationships between serum levels of vitamin D and blood pressure (BP) in adolescents. METHODS: The anthropometric measurements, body composition, dietary intake, blood pressure and biochemical measurements was undertaken. RESULTS: Two hundred and five adolescents, 106 boys and 99 girls, mean aged 18.2 years old, participate of the study. Elevated BP was observed in 12.19% of the adolescents. Mean 25OHD concentration was 29.2(0.8) ng/mL. Vitamin D insufficiency was observed in 62% of adolescents. There were no correlation between systolic and diastolic BP with 25OHD and 1,25(OH)2D concentration. An inverse correlation between adiponectin and diastolic BP was observed and positive significant correlation was observed between waist circumference with systolic and diastolic BP in both boys and in girls. In conclusion, no relationships between vitamin D levels and blood pressure were observed. CONCLUSION: However, the intra-abdominal adiposity offers potential risk to BP elevation in adolescents.

Blood pressure; vitamin D; calcium; adiponectin; adolescents

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