Questionnaire of Diabetes Self-Care Activities: translation, cross-cultural adaptation and evaluation of psychometric properties

OBJECTIVES: To translate into Portuguese, perform cross-cultural adaptation and to evaluate the psychometric properties of the Summary of Diabetes Self-Care Activities Questionnaire - SDSCA. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The process followed the international guidelines for the adaptation and evaluation of psychometric properties. The Cronbach's alpha (α) was determined to evaluate the internal consistency (inter-itens correlation) and the reliability (test-retest and inter-evaluator correlation). RESULTS: The inter-itens correlation showed values of α = 0.09 to α = 0.86. In the test-retest evaluation, the lowest correlation was obtained for the item "eat sweets" (α = 0.15) and the highest correlation was obtained for the items concerning smoking (α = 1.00). The inter-evaluator correlations varied from α = 0.29 to α = 1.00. CONCLUSIONS: The adapted questionnaire showed psychometric properties similar to those of the SDSCA. Its Brazilian version provides a reliable and valid questionnaire to evaluate diabetic patient adherence to self-care in our community.

Diabetes mellitus; self care; validation studies; translating

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