Primary hyperparathyroidism associated to slipped capital femoral epiphysis in a teenager

Primary hyperparathyroidism (PHP) is an uncommon disease in children and adolescents. The association between PHP and slipped capital femoral epiphysis is rare, and so far only four cases have been reported in the literature. Herein, we report a case of PHP due to a parathyroid adenoma, with several painful skeletal deformities and associated with slipped capital femoral epiphysis in an 18-year-old male patient. Laboratory evaluation showed: calcium of 13.6mg/dL, parathyroid hormone of 1,524pg/mL and alkaline phosphatase of 3,449U/L. Deformities were caused by late diagnosis during the growth spurt, and this association is the result of combinations between metabolic and mechanical factors. The patient underwent parathyroidectomy and, in agreement with the literature, since the removal of the adenoma is followed by prompt resolution of the slipped capital femoral epiphysis we decided for a conservative approach. We observed improvement of the pain and normalization of calcium and parathyroid hormone levels.

Hyperparathyroidism; Slipped capital femoral epiphysis; Adolescent

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