Parathyroid hormone for the treatment of osteoporosis: from controversy to reality

The evolution of the idea of the potential use of parathyroid hormone in the treatment of osteoporosis was a long one. It was also an example of how the concepts in medicine can take a long time to change, and the change is mainly dependant on the availability of adequate diagnostics resources. The acceptance that an hormone, that when present in excess leads to bone disease, can be a therapeutic agent that brings an increase in bone mass, is difficult. The absence of a really effective bone anabolic agent, the availability effective and non-invasive diagnostic procedures, and the pharmaceutical industry dynamics made possible the study and availability of injectable parathyroid hormone as an therapeutic agent. The results showed good results and the short term availability of the drug prompt us to a detailed study of the basis of its use in the daily practice.

osteoporosis; osteoporosis treatment; injectable parathormone; bone anabolic therapy

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