Blood profile of hypothyroid castrated or intact adult female rats

The relationship between thyroid-gonads on the blood profile was investigated in adult Wistar female rats. These animals were either castrated or intact and were kept under hypothyroidism, induced by daily administration of propylthiouracil (PTU) during 120 days. Two groups (castrated and intact) were kept in an euthyroid condition and used as controls. It was collected plasma for free T4 dosage and blood for hematological analysis. The significant low values of free T4 in the treated rats confirmed their hypothyroid state. The hypothyroidism caused anemia in the rats with functional gonads. The castration reverted the effects of thyroxine deficit in the erythrogram. Both the hypothyroidism and the hypogonadism showed just a discret effect on the leucogram.

Rat; Hypothyroidism; Castration; Hematology

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