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Recomendações de alimentação e nutrição saudável para a população brasileira

We present suggestions for dietary guidelines for healthy Brazilians, excluding young children. These guidelines aim to prevent obesity, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes mellitus and osteoporosis. The messages to the public were based on two presumptions: to get back traditional Brazilian healthy dietary patterns and to stimulate the consumption of these foods more than to formulate prohibitions. The main messages are: eat at least four meals a day, and do not skip meals; maintain a healthy weight; increase daily physical activity and exercise; eat rice and beans with vegetables everyday; eat four to five portions of fruits everyday; reduce sugar, sweets and sodas; choose a fruit instead of deep fried foods or sweets for snacks; use salt only in moderation; use oil or olive oil instead of other fats; drink or eat low fat dairy products at least three times a day.

Dietary guidelines; Obesity; Cardiovascular disease; Osteoporosis; Diabetes; Prevention

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