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Comparison between the growth response to growth hormone (GH) therapy in children with partial GH insensitivity or mild GH deficiency

Comparação entre a resposta de crescimento ao tratamento com hormônio de crescimento (GH) em crianças com insensibilidade parcial ao GH ou deficiência de GH leve


: GH therapy is still controversial, except in severe GH deficiency (SGHD). The objective of this study was to compare the response to growth hormone (GH) therapy in children with partial GH insensitivity (PGHIS) and mild GH deficiency (MGHD) with those with SGHD.

Subjects and methods

: Fifteen PGHIS, 11 MGHD, and 19 SGHD subjects, followed up for more than one year in the Brazilian public care service, were evaluated regarding anthropometric and laboratory data at the beginning of treatment, after one year (1 st year) on treatment, and at the last assessment (up to ten years in SGHD, up to four years in MGHD, and up to eight years in PGHIS).


: Initial height standard deviation score (SDS) in SGHD was lower than in MGHD and PGHIS. Although the increase in 1 st year height SDS in comparison to initial height SDS was not different among the groups, height-SDS after the first year of treatment remained lower in SGHD than in MGHD. There was no difference in height-SDS at the last assessment of the children among the three groups. GH therapy, in the entire period of observation, caused a trend towards lower increase in height SDS in PGHIS than SGHD but similar increases were observed in MGHD and SGHD.


: GH therapy increases height in PGHIS and produces similar height effects in MGHD and SGHD.

Idiopathic short stature; growth hormone therapy; growth hormone deficiency; partial GH insensitivity

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