Carcass yield, composition and fat acid percentage of carcass for broiler fed on different lipid source diets

L.J.C. LaraI N.C. Baião C.A.L. Aguilar S.V. Cançado M.A. Fiuza B.R.C. Ribeiro About the authors

A completely randomized design, with six replicates of one bird per experimental unit was used to evaluate the effect of different fat sources of diets (soybean oil, poultry fat, acidulated soybean oil soapstock and a mix of soybean oil plus poultry fat and soybean oil plus acidulated soybean oil soapstock) on carcass yield, composition of the breast, thigh and whole chicken and fatty acid profile of the whole carcass of broilers. No effects of fat source on carcass yield and cuts, composition of crude protein, humidity and ether extract of the whole chicken, whole leg and breast were observed (P>0,05). The birds fed on poultry fat diet showed a higher percentage of monounsaturated fatty acid on the carcass than birds fed on diets with the others fat sources. The deposition of polyunsaturated fatty acids was influenced by fat source added to the diet. The fatty acid profile of the whole carcass of broilers was influenced by the fat source added to the diets.

broiler; carcass yield; soybean oil; acidulated soybean oil; poultry fat oil

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