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Rice protein concentrate in the feeding of silver catfish (Rhamdia quelen)


The objective of this work was to evaluate the inclusion of protein concentrate from the distillation of ethanol from rice (CPA) in jundia feed. A total of 375 fish were distributed in water recirculation system with 15 boxes (125L). Three diets (37% PB and 3200kcal / kg digestible energy), one control and two were to test for the replacement of fishmeal protein by 25 (CPA-25%) and 50% (CPA-50%) by CPA. At 30 days, the variables of performance, body composition and somatic indexes were evaluated. The animals submitted to the CPA-25% treatment presented a growth response equivalent to those that received the Control treatment, but superior to the fish submitted to the CPA-50%. There were no significant differences between treatments for the somatic indices evaluated. Animals submitted to diets containing CPA had higher body fat content. Body fat deposition was higher for fish fed with CPA-25% and lower body protein deposition for those fed with CPA-50%. The results indicate that CPA can substitute up to 25% fish meal protein, without compromising the growth of jundias, and this level of substitution provided an 8% reduction in diet cost.

biofuels; alternative ingredients; broken rice; nutrition of fish

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