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Performance of the Octopus vulgaris octopus fed on mussel (Perna perna) as monodiet


The octopus Octopus cf. vulgaris is a potential species to diversify aquaculture. Due to absence of balanced commercial diet, growth of the O. cf. vulgaris is based on natural diet with local and low-cost inputs. In Brazil, studies on experimental octopus ongrowing are recent and there is little available data. We evaluated the performance, survival and food consumption of O. vulgaris fed on mussel Perna perna for 20 days. Six octopuses with initial weight of 415±12.73g (mean±standard deviation) were divided into two groups (n=3 octopuses/group) according to the diet: MC Group (frozen mussels) and MV Group (live mussels). The Weight Gain of octopuses was 273.33±94.52g and 340.00±26.46g; the Absolute Growth Rate was 13.67±4.73 and 17.00±1.32g.dia-1 and the Specific Growth Rate of 2.95±0.58 and 2.64± to MC and MV groups, respectively. There was no significant difference in performance between groups and the survival rate was 100%. Octopuses well accepted both diets and despite the amount of frozen mussels (129±31) was higher than in live mussels (100±19), there was no significant difference regarding the consumption between groups. Our results demonstrate that the mussel Perna perna can be used frozen or live as monodiet in O. cf. vulgaris ongrowing.

ongrowing; diet; aquaculture; cephalopod; mollusk

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