Anatomical study of the mandibular canal course in felines (Felis catus domesticus)

S.C. Cotrim J.R.B. Nardotto L.G. Abreu A.R.L. Silva P.D. Galera M.I.S. Santana About the authors


This study aimed to describe the path of the mandibular canal (MC), using computerized tomography, in twenty mongrel cats, with no changes in the oral cavity, from the Zoonosis Control Center of the Federal District. 2mm thick tomographic sections were taken following the entire path of the mandibular canal, considering as reference the region of the mandibular foramen, the distal and mesial roots of premolar and molar teeth, and mental foramen, obtaining measurements from the MC until the buccal, lingual, ventral and alveolar (depth) surfaces of the mandibular body as well as its diameter. MC remained on the lingual aspect of the mandibular body from the mandibular foramen to the mesial root of the first premolar, where it displaced to the buccal surface, emerging from the mental foramen. Regarding the depth, we observed a downward path from the mandibular foramen to the mesial root of the first premolar, where it reached its deepest point, the path continued in gentle ascent until to the mental foramen. Our data contribute to the anatomical study of the feline jaw and allow a better planning and execution of surgical procedures in the mandible of this species.

tomography; mandibular canal; cats

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