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Contamination by Aeromonas spp. in poultry slaughterhouse

F.N. Costa O.D. Rossi Júnior About the authors

Two hundred samples of poultry meat were analyzed in order to evaluate contamination by Aeromonas spp. in eight sites of a slaughterhouse, with 25 samples obtained in each site. Aeromonas spp. was found in nine (36.0%) samples of feathers, 14 (56.0%) samples of stools, 18 (72.0%) carcasses after pre-evisceration, post-evisceration, and cooling, as well as in 20 (80.0%) samples of chilling water. The microorganism was not found in samples from either the supplying water or the tank for scalding water. Aeromonahydrophila was identified in 39 (15.2%) samples, whereas A. sobria, A. caviae, A. veronii, A. schubertii, A. trota, and A. jandaei were identified in, respectively, 69 (26.9%), 87 (34.0%), 18 (7.0%), three (1.2%), two (0.8%), and one (0.4%) samples. In addition, bacteria dissemination may occur during slaughtering and regardless the hygienic-sanitary control followed by the industry, poultry carcasses may be contaminated by Aeromonas spp. Therefore cooled carcasses may represent a potential risk for consumers.

Aeromonas spp; poultry; water; contamination

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