Analysis of the SRK/T formula for calculation of intra-ocular lens in dogs carrying cataract

T.P. Peixoto J.J.T. Ranzani C.V.S. Brandão A.C.L. Rodrigues About the authors

Twenty males and females non-diabetic dogs of different breeds and ages underwent ophthalmic examination because they presented catarats. Ocular measurements were performed by echobiometry (A-scan ultrasound) for intraocular lens power calculation using the SRK/T formula. The obtained mean axial length was 19.94±1.12mm. All animals were submitted to extracapsular phacoemulsification; the mean intraocular lens power implanted was 37.33±3.05. At 60 days postoperative, the refractional error assessed via retinoscopy was 5.57±1.59 D. The SRK/T formula did not offer good results.

dog; emetropic; cataract; SRK/T formula; refractional error

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