Histopathology of reproductive organs and bladder of culled sows

G.A. Ritterbusch C. Sá Rocha J.R. Ciacci-Zanella A.L. Amaral A. Coldebella K.R. Ascoli N. Mores About the authors

Reproductive failures are the major reasons for removal of sows and decrease of production rates in an intensive swine production system. Urinary infection and endometritis are considered important causes for culling of sows, due to relevant reproductive consequences and increase of the replacement rates. The present study aimed to evaluate the reproductive and urinary system of culled sows, as well as investigate the occurrence of cystitis and endometritis in analyzed sows. Samples, such as ovaries, uterus fragments and bladder were collected from 79 sows originated from 20 farms of Santa Catarina State. Results showed that, 32 (40,5%) analyzed sows presented cystitis in different levels, 24 (30,4%) had some class of uterine inflammation, and 9 (11,4%) were in anestrous, with inactive ovaries. However, unsignificative dependence between cystitis and endometritis in analyzed samples was observed.

sows; cystitis; endometritis; anestrous; culling

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