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Adipokine gene expression in ewes fed with residues from the biodiesel castor industry

S.S. Duarte M.A. Gomes-Filho D.M.F. Silva L.M. Silva C.H.A. Oliveira F.V. Rodrigues A.M. Silva C.C.L. Fernandes C.M.G. Silva D. Rondina About the authors

The expression of leptin, leptin receptor (obRb), adiponectin, adiponectin receptor (AdipoR1) and resistin was assessed by real-time PCR technique in ovarian, pituitary, and the omental adipose perirenal tissue in sheep feed without castor meal or with detoxified castor meal. The type of diet did not affect mRNA levels for leptin, obRb, adiponectin, resistin AdipoR1 evaluated in different tissues (P>0.05). However, in pituitary and ovarian tissues there was no expression of resistin and adiponectin, respectively. The detoxified castor meal can be used in sheep diets as alternative food protein without affecting the expression of leptin and adponectin as well as their receptors and resistin.

sheep; fat; reproduction; adipokines

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