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Reproductive dynamics of Leporinus obtusidens captured downstream from an important hydropower Station in Brazil

Dinâmica reprodutiva de Leporinus obtusidens capturados a jusante de uma importante usina hidrelétrica no Brasil

This study evaluated the reproductive dynamics and gonadal morphology of piaparas (Leporinus obtusidens) captured downstream from the Funil Hydroelectric Power Station. The 107 piaparas evaluated were captured monthly from Sep 2006 to Aug 2007. The data were stratified among the seasons to evaluate gonad maturation and the reproductive period was determined by assessing the gonadosomatic index, hepatosomatic index, abdominal fat index (AFI), weight:length ratio, condition factor and sexual proportion. The reproductive period lasted from winter to summer (Jul-Mar) in females and from spring to autumn (Sept-Jun) in males. AFI was high during and after the reproductive period in females and only during the reproductive period in males. The highest HIS values for males and females were obtained in spring and summer (Sept-Mar). The females observed did not spawn and showed follicular atresia. These characteristics suggest that L. obtusidens does not use the study area as a reproductive site and probably migrates for this purpose.

fish; reproduction; piracema; histology; gonad

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