Experimental employment of polyhydroxybutyrate/hydroxyapatite composite plates in femoral fixation in cats

The composite of polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) 70% and hydroxyapatite (HA) 30% was evaluated as plate for bone fixation in cats. The employed composite plates presented six orifices and measured 60 x 10mm, length and width, respectively, with thickness ranging from 3 to 5mm according to the region. The composite plate was used in the fixation of femoral osteotomy in four cats, in a total of six interventions. There were ruptures in five plates (83.3%) until day 4 and in one plate (16.7%) on the day 21, when it was possible to observe an exuberant osseous callus. The result of the plate deployment in the cat showed that the composite does not have sufficient strength to be used as plate of femoral fixation in cats.

cat; biomaterial; polyhydroxybutyrate/hydroxyapatite; osteosynthesis

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