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Fatty acid composition of cheese and milk of cows fed with banana peel


This study aimed to evaluate the inclusion levels of dry banana peel in the sun in the diet of F1 Holstein x Zebu cows on the profile of fatty acids of milk and Minas fresh cheese. The diets were composed of 0, 15, 30, 45, and 60% replacement of sorghum silage by banana peel. The experimental design was Latin squares, simultaneous, 5 x 5. Samples of milk and cheese were analyzed for fatty acid composition by gas chromatography. Quadratic effect for the sum of milk polyunsaturated fatty acids, with the maximum level of 23,54% replacement. There was a decreasing linear effect for C15:0 iso fatty acids and C16: 0 iso. The heneicosanoic fatty acids, linoleic, conjugated linoleic and arachidonic presented quadratic effect. There was no effect of diets on fatty acids in cheese. Replacement of up to 60% of the sorghum silage of a banana peel in the diet of cows can be an alternative to milk production and processing when considering the improvement in the nutritional value of the milk lipid fraction and increase of the levels of conjugated linoleic acid.

conjugated linoleic acid; milk quality; by-products; F1 Holstein x Zebu cows

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