Losses in ensiling of elephantgrass added with cocoa meal and sugarcane

The effects of the addition of cocoa meal and sugarcane in the elephant-grass silage losses were studied. A 2 x 4 factorial scheme was used, being 0 and 15% of cocoa meal and 0, 15, 30, and 45% of sugarcane, with four repetitions, in a completely randomized design. The elephant-grass showed 29.2% of dry matter and the silages were produced in PVC experimental silos, using 600 kg/m³ silage compaction. The silos were opened 60 days after ensilage, when ammonia nitrogen content and pH of the silages were determined. Cocoa meal was effective in the reduction of moisture and ammonia nitrogen concentrations. It is recommended the inclusion of up to 22.4% of the sugar-cane, cv-IAC86-2480, in the elephant-grass ensiling with 29% of dry matter, which can be increased to 45%, since 15% of cocoa meal be used.

silage; ammonia nitrogen; effluent; fermentation

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