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Mechanical isolation of capuchin monkey (Cebus apella) preantral ovarian follicles

Isolamento mecânico de folículos ovarianos pré-antrais de macaca-prego (Cebus apella)

S.F.S. Domingues H.S. Ferreira J.A.P.C. Muniz A.K.F. Lima O.M. Ohashi J.R. Figueiredo L.D.M. Silva About the authors

The aim of this study was to adapt a mechanical procedure for the isolation of intact preantral follicles from Cebus apella ovaries. The interval effect of serial sections of the tissue chopper was tested on a number of preantral follicles isolated from ovaries (n=6) of three C. apella females, two prepubertal and one adult. Ovaries were divided into four equal parts and fragmented with a tissue chopper, adjusted for serial sections at intervals of 250, 500, 750 and 1,000µm, respectively. Isolated follicles were counted in a Neubauer's chamber and classified as primordial, primary or secondary. The number (mean±SE) of preantral follicles isolated from 1/4 ovary varied from 68,330+17,590 (at the 1,000µm cut interval) to 300,830+111,460 (at the 500µm cut interval. The mean diameter of the isolated preantral follicles varied from 11.6µm to 27.8µm.

monkey; preantral follicle; isolation; ovary; Cebus apella

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