Optimization of energy consumption per kg of pure meat by electrical and thermal systems in broiler chicken farms

[Otimização do consumo de energia por kg de carne pura por meio de sistemas térmicos em granjas de frangos de corte]

A. Jahedi A. Zarei About the authors


The present study was conducted to investigate the effect of electrical and thermal systems optimization on energy consumption in broiler farms. Experiments were conducted in 4 different climates (cold, hot, dry, and temperate) with four treatments (4 broiler farms in each region) and 5 iterations (5 rearing periods per farm) on the Ross 308 strain of broiler chicken in a completely randomized basic design. The results showed that the solutions applied in cold and dry climates had a significant effect on reducing energy consumption (P<0.05). In the hot climate, although the reduction in energy consumption was observed after the application of the solutions, the difference was not statistically significant (P>0.05). Also, the application of solutions in temperate climates created a significant difference in the specific amount of thermal energy consumption per kilo of meat and total energy (P<0.05). Overall, the results of the present experiment showed that optimizing the electrical and thermal systems of broiler houses could reduce energy consumption in all climates.

electrical System; optimization; energy; climate; broiler chicken; thermal system

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