Partial lateral corpectomy for treatment of chronic ventral extradural compression between T9-T10 in a dog >

P.V.T. Marinho C.R.A. Ferrigno T. Bregadioli F. Paes J.F. Santos A.S. Macedo Í.S. Dal-Bó V.S. Galeazzi About the authors


The aim of this study is to report a case of intervertebral disc protrusion with atypical location and describe the surgical technique of partial lateral corpectomy in the treatment of this disease in a dog. A dog, seven -years-old, male, Pug breed was attended with proprioceptive ataxia of the hind limbs for three months correlated with intervertebral disc disease between the 9th and 10th thoracic vertebrae. After a month of conservative treatment without improvements, the patient was referred for surgical treatment, which was performed as a partial left lateral corpectomy for decompression of the spinal cord. After surgery, the patient showed considerable improvement, this technique being shown to be effective in the removal of extradural compression, without manipulation of the spinal cord or other complications.

cord compression; extradural spinal tumors; neurosurgery; dogs

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