Meat properties and fatty acids profile of the ham of peccaries (Tayassu tajacu) fed babassu (Orbignya phalerata) meal

The meat properties and the fatty acids profile of the ham of peccaries ham fed diets with different levels of babassu meal, used as an alternative energy source substituting part of corn on feeding peccaries in captivity, were studied. The ham meats of 12 animals were evaluated on their properties: cooking losses, shear force, pH, and water holding capacity. After that, the meat oil was extracted to determine the fatty acids contents. No effects (P>0.05) of the babassu meal levels on the meat properties were observed. The unsaturated fatty acids, mono and polyunsaturated, were found in higher quantity than the saturated fatty acids in the ham meat of peccaries. Based on the theory that the polyunsaturated fatty acids ingested in the human diet are responsible for reduction of the seric levels of cholesterol, it can be suggested that the peccary meat is a good alternative source of protein.

peccary; wild animal; meat; fatty acids

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