Lactation curves adjusted by incomplete gamma function for crossbred F1 Holstein-Gyr cows

The lactation curves of 5,368 crossbred F1 Holstein-Gyr cows were studied. The gamma incomplete function was used as a model. The effects of parity and season of calving on the gamma incomplete parameters, the inicial milk production, the peak of production, the time to the peak of production, the lactation persistency and the total milk production were measured. The lactation curves showed curvilinear effect with decreasing in milk production since the beginning. The multiparous cows produced 48.9% more milk, more reduction in milk production during the first month of lactation and higher lactation persistency than primiparous cows. Although the lactation curves were similar, average milk production from dry season calving cows was 1.6% higher than those for rainy season calving. Low R² values suggested that the gamma incomplete function did not fit as a model for the lactation curves of this genetic group.

lactation curve; F1 Holstein-Gir cows; gamma incomplete function; parity; season calving

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