Nutritive value of coastcross-1 pastures mixed to different cool season legumes

P.F. Aguirre C.J. Olivo G.D. Smonetti C.A. Agnolin J.S. Nunes C.M. De Bem M.S. Diehl C.P. Sauter P.R. Fernandes About the authors

The aim of this research was to evaluate three grazing systems with Coastcross-1 (CC) + 100kg N/ha/year + common vetch; CC + 100kg N/ha/year + arrowleaf clover; and CC + 200kg N/ha/year. Thirteen grazing cycles were performed during the experimental period (345 days). The experimental design was completely randomized with three treatments (grazing systems), three replicates (paddocks) in completely split-plot time (average values of grazing season). Lactating Holstein cows were used in the evaluation. Forage mass and botanical composition were evaluated. Samples from the hand-plucking method were collected to analyze crude protein (CP), neutral detergent fiber (NDF) and acid (ADF), in situ digestibility of dry matter (ISDMD) and organic matter (ISOMD) and total digestible nutrients (TDN). The averages of CP, NDF, ADF, ISDMD, ISOMD and TDN were 18.1, 16.7 and 17.6 %; 57.8, 58.9 and 58.7 %; 26.5, 26.5 and 26.7 %; 79.6, 78.9 and 80.6 %; 79.8, 79.1 and 80.6 %; 72.1, 71.4 and 72.7 %, respectively. Better results for nutritive value were found during winter, especially on Coastcross-1 mixed with common vetch.

Cynodon dactylon; lactating cows; Trifolium vesiculosum; Vicia sativa

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