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Comparison of reproductive efficiency indexes by different methods in dairy cattle herds

P.A.C. Pereira A.M. Ferreira L.B. Carvalho R.S. Verneque M. Henry R.C. Leite About the authors

The study aimed to promote the lifting of indexes to calculate and compare the reproductive efficiency of dairy cattle herds by different methods. The parturition interval studied showed a variation from 13.3 to 15.2 months by means of different methods for obtaining it are not observing a significant difference (P> 0.05) between them. Evaluations by the methods of Johnson et al (1964) and Butendieck et al. (1972) showed, respectively, reproductive efficiency of 79.5 and 77.8%. Although regarded as the most efficient methods of Willcox et al. (1957), whose average found in the same herd was 90.2%, there was no significant difference between the results obtained by three methods.

bovine; indexes; reproductive efficiency

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