Intercostal celiotomy for removal of proventriculus foreign body in muscovy duck (Cairina moschata): case report

Celiotomia intercostal para remoção de corpo estranho do proventrículo de pato-do-mato (Cairina Moschata): relato de caso]

M.A. Goulart C.S. Braga C. Lira D.B. Amorim A.S. Macedo M.M. Alievi About the authors


Ducks, geese and swans are included in the Anatidae family, Anseriformes order. The leading injuries causes to waterfowl are tangling in fishing materials and foreign bodies ingestion. A muscovy duck (Cairina moschata) was referred for treatment at Veterinary Teaching Hospital and a radiographic examination showed the presence of a hook in the coelom. Surgical exposure and incision of the proventriculus was made through left intercostal access and the hook along with a fishing line were gently removed. The animal began to feed voluntarily at the fourth post-operative day and two weeks after the procedure the patient was clinically well and was released to wild. This surgical approach differs in some aspects from the listed techniques in the known literature. It proved to be a viable and appropriate alternative to treat this affection since it did not cause any trans- or post-operative complications and enabled rapid recovery and subsequent patient release.

hook; gastrointestinal surgery; proventriculotomy; waterfowl; avian surgery

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