Non-surgical inovulations and gestation rate from embryo recipients

C.A.C. Fernandes About the author

This work was developed to classify the feasibility of non-surgical inovulations and to establish the relationship between that classification and the gestation rate of the recipients. Twenty three heifers and cows of Limousin breed were used as donors and 172 crossbreed heifers were used as recipients. Three classification levels were determined, according to the time of procedure, ease of cervix transposition and uterine manipulation facility and the site of embryo deposition. The recipients that have their inovulations classified as "good" showed better gestation rate (59%) than the ones classified as "poor" (31%). It is concluded that the difficulty on embryo inovulation by non-surgical method can decrease the pregnancy rate of recipients.

Bovine; embryo; non-surgical inovulation

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