Regulatory effect of flavonoids and carmin colorant dye on the lipid levels in Wistar rats

The effects of biochanin A, isolated or in association with the natural dyes anthocyanin and carmin, on the metabolism of lipids in rats were investigated. The compounds, dissolved in propylene glycol, were given intraperitoneally using two doses of 5mg/kg of body weigth. The first dose of these substances was given after using triton to induce high levels of blood lipids, and the second dose was given 20 hours later. Cholesterol, cholesterol-HDL, and triacylglyceriols were measured in the blood 43 hours after inoculation. Results showed that the association biochanin A + anthocyanin, and biochanin A + carmin resulted in the largest reduction of blood cholesterol and triacylglycerols.

Rat; blood lipid concentration; biochanin A; anthocyanin; carmin; cholesterol

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