Tiletamine hydrochloride in association with zolazepam hydrochloride for the tranquilization and anesthesia of callitrichids

Tiletamine hydrochloride (125mg) in association with zolazepam hydrochloride (125mg) diluted in distilled water (10ml) were used as tranquilizer and anesthetic in 38 individuals of three species of callitrichids: 21 black-chinned emperor tamarins (Saguinus imperator imperator), 15 saddleback tamarins (Saguinus fuscicollis weddeli) and 2 pygmy marmosets (Cebuella pygmea). Individuals of both sexes that had weighed between 130g and 520g received doses of 0.02ml (1.11mg/kg) to 0.15ml (8.33mg/kg). In most of the cases anesthesia occurred. Marmosets were liberated in the same day of the capture, after we had verified the animal’s rehabilitation. Side effects were not apparent in the fetus of the two pregnant females. Despite the death of an young individual, the results were considered satisfactory to produce tranquillity and anesthesia in callitrichids

Primate; callitrichid; tiletamine; zolazepam; anesthesia; Acre-Brazil

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