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Carcass traits multivariate analysis techniques in broilers evaluation

R. Fonseca R.A. Torres Filho R.A. Torres J.O. Peixoto A.V. Pires P.L.S. Carneiro G.H. Souza R.S. Bueno P.S. Lopes R.F. Euclydes About the authors

Multivariate analyses were used to compare two hybrids obtained from two strains of broilers developed by Federal University of Viçosa (UFV) with two commercial hybrids. The evaluated traits were: slaughter weight (PAB), carcass weight (PC), breast weight (PP), upper thigh weight (PCC), thigh weight (PCX) and carcass yield (RCA). Multivariate analyses, showed significant differences among mean vectors of traits. The Roy test indicated the commercial products were better for PC and PP, and no differences between commercial products and UFV crosses were observed for PCX and RCA. The discriminant linear function of Fisher also indicated that commercial products were better than UFV crosses by the test of Roy.

Multivariate analyses; broiler; carcass; Fisher’s discriminant linear function

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