Proteocephalid cestode infection in tucunaré Cichla sp. (Osteichthyes: Cichlidae) from Paraná River, São Paulo

Infecção por cestóides proteocefalídeos em tucunaré Cichla sp. (Osteichthyes: Cichlidae), no Rio Paraná, São Paulo

R.S. Santos K. Roumbedakis N.G. Marengoni H.K. Takahashi F.D.A. Pimenta C.M.R. Melo M.L. Martins About the authors

The occurrence of proteocephalid cestodes in tucunaré Cichla sp., captured monthly, between August 2000 and August 2001, in Paraná River, Presidente Epitácio, SP, was evaluated. From 128 specimens, 71 (55.6%) were parasitized by Proteocephalus macrophallus (Diesing, 1850) and/or P. microscopicus (Woodland, 1935). Total mean abundance and intensity were 157.08 and 223.41, respectively. The highest prevalence (90%) mean abundance (1,122.4) and intensity indexes (1,247.11) occurred in February 2001, while in September 2000 there were no observed animals infected by cestodes. No relationship between the sex of the host and parasitological indexes was found.

fish; tucunare; parasitism; Proteocephalidae; Paraná River

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