Biometric values obtained by ultrasonography of flexor tendons and inferior accessory and suspensory ligaments of the palmar metacarpal region in Mangalarga Marchador horses

F.A. Aristizábal M. M.V. Souza J.R.M. Aranzales J.I. Ribeiro Junior About the authors

The transversal area (TA) of tendons and ligaments located in the palmar metacarpal region was studied in 15 Mangalarga Marchador horses without locomotor pathology. The superficial digital flexor tendon (SDFT), deep digital flexor tendon (DDFP), accessory ligament of the deep digital flexor tendon (AL-DDFP), and suspensory ligament (TIOM) were examined by ultrasonography, at seven different zones (1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B e 3C), to determine the TA. The mean TA values for SDFT were: zone 1A, 1.07±0.13; zone 1B, 0.97±0.12; zone 2A, 0.77±0.08; zone 2B, 0.68±0.12; zone 3A, 0.74±0.10; zone 3B, 0.86±0.10; and zone 3C, 1.33±0.24. For DDFT were: zone 1A, 1.09±0.12; zone 1B, 0.99±0.14; zone 2A, 0.72±0.11; zone 2B, 0.63±0.10; zone 3A, 0.71±0.14; zone 3B, 0.87±0.14; and zone 3C, 1.39±0.20. For AL-DDFT were: zone 1A, 1.17±0.14; zone 1B, 0.85±0.11; zone 2A, 0.73±0.12; zone 2B, 0.60±0.16; and zone 3A, 0.42±0.15. For TIOM were: zone 1A, 0.82±0.14; zone 1B, 1.23±0.15; zone 2A, 1.21±0.15; zone 2B, 1.18±0.14; and zone 3A, 1.20±0.31. The TA of each structure examined was similar between the thoracic members in each of the studied zones. No significant difference was found among the TA of the SDFT and that of the DDFP.

equine; biometry; tendon; ligament

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