Reference values of the erythrogram of Jersey breed, raised in São Paulo state

In order to determine erythrogram reference values for Jersey cattle raised in São Paulo State, Brazil, and the influence of bovine of leukosis virus (BLV), 253 BLV-negative blood samples were obtained from clinically healthy females. Samples were collected with EDTA and submitted to erythrocyte counting (Neubauer chamber; Gower diluent), determination of the packed cell volume (microhematocrit), evaluation of hemoglobin content (cyanmethemoglobin) and calculation of MCV (mean capsular volume), MCH (mean capsular hemoglobin) and MCHC (mean capsular hemoglobin concentration). Results showed influence of age on the erythrogram values. The number of erythrocytes and packed cell volume were significantly higher in younger animals, while the hemoglobin content did not vary with age. The reference values for erythrocyte counts were respectively, 6.62±1.47 cells × 10(6)/mm³; 31.6±3.5% e 10.45±1.29g/dl. The mean results for the absolute erythrocytic indexes increased with age, the reference values of MCV, MCH and MCHC were, respectively, 49,18±8.28mum³, 16.37±3,37pg e 33.14±2.57%

Bovine; Jersey; erythrogram; hematology; reference value

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