Pulmonary and renal leiomyosarcoma in dog: a case report

R. Serakides F.J.F. Sant’Ana R.A. Carneiro G.E. Lavalle About the authors

This report describes a case of pulmonary and renal leiomyosarcoma in a nine-year-old Siberian Husky male dog with a history of progressive weight loss. Clinically, the animal had mildly pale mucosae and severe abdominal pain. Kidneys enlargement also was observed. On hemogram, a mild anemia was observed. On urinalysis, isosthenuria and renal epithelial cells were detected. Urea nitrogen and creatinine levels were normal. Bilateral renal neoplasia was diagnosed by laparotomy and the animal was submitted to euthanasia. On necropsy, many whitish firm nodules ranging from 0.5 to 4cm in diameter were found in the kidneys. The region of the hilum and the left apical lobe of the lungs had a mass with 11× 7cm in area which was well vascularized and had an irregular whitish surface with either firm or friable areas. There was also a whitish firm nodule with 1cm in diameter in the right apical lobe. Histological sections were stained by hematoxilin-eosin, Masson and van Gieson. Positivity for the vimentin and smooth muscle actin were detected by immunohistochemistry. Cytokeratin 1, 5, 10, 14, 8 and 7, protein S100 and CD68 markers showed negative reactions. The anatomopathological and immunohistochemistry features allowed the diagnosis of pulmonary and renal leiomyosarcoma. However, it was not possible to determine the primary site of the neoplasia.

Dog; kidneys; lungs; leiomyosarcoma; immunohistochemistry

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