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Ingestive behavior of dairy cows fed sugar cane or cassava aerial portion hay

A.L. Rocha Neto C.M. Veloso F.F. Silva D.R. Souza L.T. Costa R.M. Murta R.R. Silva J.C.P.M. Silva D.D. Souza M.A. Meneses About the authors

The effect of diets containing sugar cane or different percentages of cassava aerial portion hay (FPAM) inclusion on dairy cows ingestion behavior was evaluated. Sixteen cows were used, including twelve lactating and four dry, which were fistulated and divided into four 4 x 4 Latin squares. Diets were formulated in an attempt to be isoenergetic, with four percentages of FPAM in the diet (0, 33, 67 and 100% of diet total DM), replacing the sugar cane treated with 1% of a mixture of urea and ammonium sulfate (9:1 parts). The ingestion behavior was evaluated for 24 consecutive hours, with observations at five minute intervals. A quadratic effect (P<0.05) on dry matter and neutral detergent fiber intake, per day and feeding period, on feeding, ruminating, chewing and idle activities, as well as on feeding and ruminating efficiencies, with no difference (P>0,05) for numbers and periods of feeding and rumination was observed. The ingestion behavior evaluation constitutes a tool for measuring the amount and quality of diets consumed, since it demonstrates their ingestion response by cattle diet provided.

dairy cows; cassava; rumination; ethology

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