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Medico-legal veterinary aspect of lesions in bird strike


The objective of this study was to describe lesions in four birds, victims of collisions with aircraft, coming from the International Airport of Recife/Guararapes Gilberto Freyre, Pernambuco, Brazil. Contused wounds were predominant in birds in this study, characterized by the presence of fractures, bruises and hematomas and justified by the blunt action promoted by the type of vulnerant agent involved (aircraft). The analysis under medico-legal veterinary aspect of lesions in bird strike is essential, because in addition to the attempt to establish a standard for differentiating the aircraft lesions, it can guide the bird strike hazard management programs at airports, since the necropsy allows the identification of the species involved or at least facilitates the obtaining biological material for identification.

airport; Caracara plancus; Vanellus chilensis; aircraft strike

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