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Genetic parameters for production and biometrics traits in honey bee Melipona quadrifasciata anthidioides LEPELETIER

K.N. Oliveira M.C. Paula-Leite P. Faquinello C.A.L. Carvalho D.A. Lino-Lourenço R.B. Sampaio E.B. Santos About the authors

The aim of this study was to estimate components of genetic variance, phenotypic and residual and heritability for traits related to the production of honey and the nest structure of bee Melipona quadrifasciata anthidioides. Sixty colonies from different regions of Bahia were transferred to standard INPA model boxes and divided, creating the parental generations G1 and G2. The following characteristics were measured: estimated production of honey, number, width, height and volume of the honey pots, number, height and diameter of pollen storage pots, weight, number, length and diameter of the brood combs and estimate the population of the colony. The measurements were corrected for the fixed effects of month of measurement. The variance components and heritability were estimated by the method of similarity between relatives using the Bayesian approach. The mean and standard deviations ranged from 2.01±0.70cm diameter pots for pollen to 2333.0±384.1kg to the weight of the boxes. There was indication of convergence for all the chains obtained. Estimates of the additive genetic variance ranged from 0.02cm to the width characteristics of honey pots to 38587.72kg for weight. For the estimates of phenotypic variance the values ranged from 0.05 for the height of the pollen pots to 95136.43kg for weight; and the residual variance the values varied from 0.02 for the variable width of the honey pots to 56548.71kg for weight. The results showed that the characteristics assessed have additive genetic variation that ensures good response to selection.

Bayesian inference; genetic evaluation; meliponiculture; selection

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