Physical-chemical characteristics and cost of milk of goats fed with cocoa meal or palm kernel cake

H.G.O. Silva A.J.V. Pires F.F. Silva C.M. Veloso G.G.P. Carvalho A.S. Cezário C.C. Santos About the authors

The effects of cocoa meal (FC) or palm kernel cake (TD) replacing corn and soybean meal standard concentrate on physical-chemical composition were evaluated and the economical analysis of milk production was performed. Five Saanen goats, with 41.66kg body weight and 60 days of lactation were used in a 5×5 latin square experimental design. The experimental periods of 14 days, had 10 days for adaptation and four days for data collection. The isoprotec diets (13.2%), were formulated to allow a milk production of 2kg/day. The diets were constituted of 36% roughage and 64% concentrate. The standard concentrate was replaced by 0, 15 and 30% of FC or TD. No effects of diets (P>0.05) on milk physical-chemical characteristics were observed. The inclusion of by-products reduced the cost of diets, however, only those with 15% FC and 15% TD showed gross margin higher than the one observed for the control diet.

goat; economical evaluation; milk composition; by-product

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