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In situ degradability of four sorgum silages with or without tannin: II - Neutral detergent fiber, acid detergent fiber, hemicelulose and cellulose

W.E. Campos H.M. Saturnino B.M. Sousa L.C. Gonçalves I. Borges J.A.S. Rodrigues A.U. Carvalho P.M. Ferreira About the authors

The in situ procedure was used to evaluate the disappearance of neutral detergent fiber (NDF), acid detergent fiber (ADF), hemicelulose and celulose of four sorghum genotypes with (CMS XS 210 and BR 701) or without (CMS XS 214 and BR 007) tannin in a completely randomized block design experiment with three replicates (animals), in a split plot arrangement. The four genotypes were allotted to the plots and the time of disappearance to the split plot. The BR 701 showed higher NDF and ADF degradation up to 24h of incubation and hemicelulose up to 48h, been the values similar after those times. No differences concerning the disappearance values of cellulose among genotypes and times were observed.

in situ degradability; fiber; cellulose; hemicelulose; sorghum; tannin

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