Study of the microbial population and ammonia release of treated broiler litter with agricultural gypsum

M.A.P.M. Sampaio R.P. Schocken-Iturrino A.A.M. Sampaio S.C.P. Berchielli A. Biondi About the authors

The present work was carried out with the objective of evaluating the microbial population (total bacterial counts) and ammonia release from wood shaving broiler litter treated with gypsum, during the rearing cycle. A total of 1440 one-day chicks were used conventionally, housed under a density of nine birds per m². Data were collected at the beginning, on the 25th day and at the end of the experiment (49th day). The experimental design was a completely randomized, in a 4× 2+1 factorial scheme (gypsum levels × applications forms) with nine treatments, four replications and 40 birds per experimental unit. It was showed the inhibiting capacity of gypsum over ammonia volatilization, from broiler litter, during a period of 25 days and at the end of the experiment, mainly with the application in parcels, favouring a decrease of the total bacterial counts.

Broiler; broiler litter; ammonia; microbial population

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