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Venous angioarchitecture of the bovine female genital organ

Angioarquitetura venosa do órgão genital da fêmea bovina

The venous angioarchitecture of the non-pregnant female genital organs from five cattle obtained from a slaughterhouse was studied for possible anastomoses of the vulva and vagina vasa and the uterus-ovary vein, with the aid of the X-ray technique. In the laboratory, a branch of the caudal vaginal vein was injected with radiographic contrast. Vaginal vein formed and anastomotic network in the ventral surface of the uterus between the right and left sides. The genitals present anastomoses of the vulvar and vaginal veins with vasa of cervix, body and uterine horns and suggest that a portion of luteolytic agents injected through intravulvosubmucosal route can be transported directly to the ovary through a local route before reaching the systemic circulation.

cow; angioarchitecture; genital organs

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