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Chlorexidine-cetrimide efficacy in ambient disinfection against Aspergillus spp

M.O. Xavier A.R.M. Meinerz M.B. Cleff L.G. Osório L.F.D. Schuch M.O. Nobre R.P. Silva Filho M.C.A. Meireles About the authors

The study evaluated the in loco activity of chlorexidine-cetrimide for environmental control of Aspergillus spp. considering the climatic influence and population variations, in a recuperation center of marine animals. Samples of air were collected throughout two years by the sediment method, and the disinfection program was established in the second year. Data collected during the two years were statistically compared by Epinfo 8.0. program. It was demonstrated that both population and climate had no influence on the fungal isolation, and the disinfection program with chlorexidine-cetrimide was considered effective in the reduction of conidia Aspergillus concentration indoor.

Aspergillus spp.; chlorexidine; disinfectant

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