Evaluation of the cardiac rhythm in healthy dogs of the Boxer breed using ambulatorial electrocardiography (Holter)

R.B. Nogueira R.A.L. Muzzi D.S. Herrera I.R. Falco G.A.O. Cavalcanti About the authors

The cardiac rhythm in a 24-hour period of 12 dogs of the Boxer breed, clinically healthy, males and females, of different ages was evaluated. No differences between males and females in the minimum, medium and maximum cardiac rates were observed (P>0.05). The females showed larger number of ventricular premature complex than the males. The major disorder in the cardiac rhythm was the ventricular premature complex. Several dogs showed the R over T phenomenon. Episodes of ventricular bigeminy and trigeminy were also observed.

Holter; dog; Boxer; cardiomyopathy; Holter; electrocardiography; cardiac rhythm

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