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Ultrasonographic measurement of linear characteristics and renal volumetry in dogs

K.M.O.R. Sampaio R.B. Araújo About the authors

This work aimed to measure by ultrasonography the length, width and depth and to estimate the volume of kidneys of normal adult dogs. Thirty five dogs (18 females and 17 males) of mixed breeds, aging from two to six years, were used. The animals were separated in three groups according to their body weights (3.1 to 10.0 kg; 10.1 to 20.0 kg and 20.1 to 45 kg). Sagittal, dorsal and transverse plans of section were used to obtain measures of length, width and depth. The kidney volume was estimated from these measures. Mean values according to the groups were, respectively: 4.73; 6.09 and 7.13cm for length; 2.81; 3.44 and 3.95cm for width; 2.43; 3.00 and 3.58cm for depth; and the estimated volumes were 17.98; 33.36 and 53.81cm³. The length, width, depth and volume of the left and right kidneys were similar, and no difference between male and female was found for these traits. Body weight of animals was positively correlated with all the kidney traits.

Dog; kidneys; ultrasonography; length; width; depth; volume

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