Clinical and epidemiological aspects of canine parvovirus (CPV) enteritis in the State of Rio de Janeiro: 1995 - 2004

Aspectos clínicos e epidemiológicos da enterite por parvovírus canino (CPV) no estado do Rio de Janeiro: 1995-2004

T.X. Castro S.C. Miranda N.V. Labarthe L.E. Silva R.C.N. Cubel Garcia About the authors

This paper relates the clinical and epidemiological aspects of canine parvovirus infection (CPV) in the State of Rio de Janeiro from April 1995 to March 2004. A total of 341 fecal samples were collected from up to 6-months-old puppies with gastroenteritis. The diagnosis of CPV infection was confirmed by hemagglutination/ hemagglutination inhibition tests, enzyme immunoassay, virus isolation in cell culture or polymerase chain reaction. One hundred and fifty-seven samples (46%) were positive for CPV. No correlation among sex, breed or age and the occurrence of CPV infection was observed. The classical signs of parvoviral enteritis (anorexia, lethargy, vomiting and hemorrhagic fluid diarrhea) were observed in 70% of CPV-positive and in 60% of CPV-negative puppies. Although CPV could be detected throughout the studied period, its occurrence was significantly higher from June to September and November to December. These results show that CPV is still circulating in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

canine parvovirus (CPV); Rio de Janeiro; clinical signs; enteritis

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