Canola meal in the diets of pacu Piaractus mesopotamicus (Holmberg 1887): effects on growth and body composition

The effects of adding canola meal in the diet of pacu juveniles (Piaractus mesopotamicus) on growth parameters and body composition were evaluated. A total of 192 fingerlings (9 to 15g) were stocked in twenty-four, 100l cement tanks during 103 days. Canola meal was used at four levels (zero, 9.5%, 19%, and 38% of the diet) with (12% of the diet) or without fish meal, totalizing eight treatments. The fish meal did not affect the growth parameters. The inclusion of 38% canola meal decreased the body weigh gain (mean values of 28.74g to 50.70g) and negatively affected the apparent feed conversion (1.66 to 2.85). The protein efficiency ratio was lower in fish fed the highest level of canola meal. The several levels of canola meal in the diets changed the fish moisture and contents of crude protein and lipids. Fish meal in the diets only influenced the lipid content in fish fed 9.5% canola meal. The results suggest that the inclusion of up to 19% of canola meal in diets of pacu juveniles did not impair the fish growth.

pacu; Piaractus mesopotamicus; canola meal; fish meal; protein sources

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