Evaluation of spinal reflexes in Suffolk lambs

L.C.N. Mendes G.M. Nogueira A.S. Borges J.R. Peiró F.L.F. Feitosa About the authors

This study was carried out to determine a qualitative and semiquantitative evaluation of the spinal reflexes in 51 both sexes, 4 to 5 months of age Suffolk lambs. Spinal reflexes were evaluated in the thoracic (extensor carpi reflex, biceps reflex, triceps reflex and flexor reflex) and pelvic (ischiatic reflex, gastrocnemius reflex, patellar reflex, cranial tibial reflex and flexor reflex) limbs, bilaterally. Reflexes were standardized, using a 2-point grading scale (0= absense, 1= mild reflex, 2= evident). Flexor reflex (99.0%) and extensor carpi reflex (87.3%) were the best reflexes elicited in thoracic limbs, while the least evident scores were found in biceps (11.8%) and triceps reflexes (2.0%) with grade 2. In pelvic limbs, all of the ovines showed a grade-2 flexor reflex. A high percentage of evident response in patellar (98.0%) and ischiatic (81.4%) reflexes were also observed. Only 20.6% of the animals showed evident response to the cranial tibial reflex but none had a satisfactory response to the gastrocnemius reflex.

sheep; spinal reflex; neurological examination

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