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Genetic and phenotypic correlations between type traits and milk production in Holstein cattle

Genetic and phenotypic correlations between 21 linear type traits and 305-day milk production were estimated by restrict maximum likelihood methodology, in a multiple-trait animal model, using data from Associação de Criadores de Gado Holandês de Minas Gerais. The highest genetic correlations between milk production and rear udder width (.60), and rump width (.37), indicated no genetic antagonism between selection for these type traits and gains for milk production. In general, phenotypic correlations were lower than genetic correlations between milk production and linear type traits. Phenotypic correlations between linear traits were greater for conformation traits and udder traits. Some type traits presented high genetic correlations between them, suggesting that some of them could be excluded from the genetic programs for linear type traits adopted by Holstein Breed Association in Brazil.

cattle; Holstein; linear type trait; genetic and phenotypic correlations

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