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Sensitization study of dogs with atopic dermatitis in the central region of Rio Grande do Sul

Estudo da sensibilização de cães com dermatite atópica na região central do Rio Grande do Sul

Canine atopic dermatitis (CAD) is a common dermatosis, defined as a genetic-related disease which predisposes to skin inflammation and pruritus, associated to a IgE-specific response in most of cases. Clinical diagnosis may be later complemented by skin allergy and/or serological tests. The aim of these tests is to identify possible allergens in order to enable the clinicians to select candidate antigens for allergen specific immunotherapy. In the present study 58 CAD positive animals were tested. All were submitted to the intradermal test (IDT) and screened for the presence of antibodies against different antigens using ELISA. The obtained results show a high prevalence of sensitization among the tested dogs to house dust mites and to pollen ofC. dactylon. With this work it was possible to identify the main allergens involved in immunological response of dogs with CAD living in central area of Rio Grande do Sul.

intradermal test; serological test; house dust mites; storage mites; Cynodon dactylon

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